Numbering of clauses in NEC?


How does the numbering of clauses work in the NEC?

For example, if I look at the Main Option A, for the NEC4 PSC, it has the following:

Identified and defined terms
(15) The Activity Schedule is the activity schedule unless later changed in accordance with these conditions of contract.
(16) Defined Cost is the cost of the components in the Short Schedule of Cost Components.
(19) The People Rates are the people rates unless later changed in accordance with the contract.

Where have (17) and (18) gone?

I don’t have the NEC4 PSC Option A to hand, but if those clauses aren’t in the published document it probably means they only apply to other Options. I think 11.2(17) may be for Option C and say that Defined Cost refers to the schedule of cost components rather than the shorter schedule, and 11.2(18) may also be for Option C.

If you look at the ‘combined volume’ NEC4 PSC under other options the answer to your question should become clear.


Thanks - I’ve got the paper copy and (17) and (18) appear in Option C - so, yes, that explains it.