New feature - Language editor/translation

System admins may need to customise their instance of FasDraft by changing the default text in the user interface, much of this can already be done via the workflow templates editor, but elements of the UI are still hardcoded. This new features will however allow System admins to change the text on buttons such as the “Create new” button. Each instance of the platform will includes a language editor where you can edit the text for the platform.

By using the language editor, the system admin can change the words and sentences that appear in their version of the platform to include other languages or simple to align better to the lauanges they use within their business.

The language editor has a series of tabs across the top of the screen that correspond to different parts of the platform:-

  • General

  • Contracts

  • Preferences

  • Dashboard

  • Registers

  • Admin - Companies

  • Admin - Projects

  • Admin - Contracts

  • Admin - Templates

Each tab would display a series of fields with a heading for each field and the default terms or sentence, e.g. the current word in the text box. A save button will also be displayed on the page.

Change the default wording in your theme

The System admin can change the default wording in their instance by doing the following

  1. From your platform admin page, go to System settings > Edit language.
  2. Click the tab that includes the text that you want to change.
  3. Edit the text.
  4. Click Save.

@batuhan.balaban and @adrian.von.plato here is the spec for language editor for Lantis. I envisage that this will be reached from a new systems setting pages in the admin panel.


This product supports zendesk, shopify and JavaScript so might be worth exploring.