New feature Released - Smart custom links in main navigation panel

We want admin users to be able to add new custom url to main navigation panel via the admin panel. This will allows admins to set system smart url links in the main navigation to resources relevant to their instance of FastDraft, such as their IT helpdesk, other software applications like CDEs and help resources like videos, etc…

Smart links let users quickly access other applications or web pages from their FastDraft account. If you have systems that use a unique URL ID, you can use smart links to dynamically link to them from the main navigation in FastDraft.

The feature will require a new system page in the admin panel that allows admin to add and remove url from the main navigation.

Configuring smart links

You need admin rights to configure smart links.To configure smart links an admin user would take the follow steps:-

  1. Click your username in the top right and select admin panel and then system management Admin > System.
  2. Select the “Smart links” tab Admin > System > Smart links.
  3. Click “Add Smart Link” to start setting up your new link.
  4. Give your smart link a name and URL.
    For example, if you were setting up a smart link for YouTube, the name might be “YouTube Video Resources” and the URL would be:
  5. Choose where the application should open. Click either the “Open in new window” or “Open inside Sell”.
  6. Click “Save” to save the new smart link.

Below is a mock up of the admin page which allows the admin user to add a smart link.

On the main navigation all users would then see a new smart link to the new url added.

The feature will be available to all system admins, but smart links will be set at a system level and stored in the system config file. So for example our shared instance might therefore include a link our BI’s help desk but on an entreprise instance of our system it might link to their IT helpdesk. This feature will therefore only be available for entreprise customers with their own instance.

@vaughan.felton and @loreta.adams and @pj.carlyon new features to allow users to add custom links to menu navigation such as links to a “Contractor share calculator” or AIMSPD helpdesk rather than our helpdesk. This also avoid the old widget sitting over text on forms. @batuhan.balaban let em know if you need any additional information.

@steve.webley thoughts on this?

@ian.brown this feature will allow you to provide add a link into the main navigation for your IT helpdesk as per tender.

This would definitely be a useful feature for NG and would help reduce the number of tickets raised on your helpdesk that should, in fact, be coming to us. Do you envisage a limit on the number of smart links? The reason for asking is I can envisage maybe having separate links for internal external users and separate links for login issues/permission requests/application issues.



Lets assume its 5 links, but Batu can clarify whats possible.

Definitely help to signpost to our support and removal of existing widget that sometimes obscures part of page is an improvement.

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recommendation to @batuhan.balaban;

only load the system links on Login and locally cache to eradicate 99% of ui>server>ui roundtrips for this feature

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@mike.ward, There seems to be more general system level setting to be added other than this feature,
Another feature request(Cost Breakdown WBS) also requires Enabling/Disabling capability on system level, And there can be more things that can be moved to this level of management (Enabling Hubs, Enabling Areas)
We are planning to built a new admin page to update system level general settings, I think @chriscorr will scope that as well. We can discuss best way to load, and update for API

Hi @chriscorr, I put SMART LINKS only under the Contract navigation like your screenshot above. Do we also want to show it under the Home navigation?

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Emir good point. Yes it would be beneficial to show this in the homepage before users login to contracts. Assume its this url:- https://[subdomainname]

Might be useful to show it in admin panel urls as well for admins :-


@batuhan.balaban can you confirm this covers all users. thanks

I’ve put it to Admin section as well.

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