Release Notes up to 2022-01-31 Contract Management (Sprint 28/29/30)

New + Improved

Templates and Workflows

We are continually making improvements to our contract templates to enable further flexibility.

  • JCT DB2016 and JCT SBC updated
  • A notification can be updated via the template to NOT require a reply for a specified clause or clauses. This is available on Notifications, Submissions and Submissions with quote workflows. This can only be actioned by System Administrators

Improved User Experience

We have made improvements to FastDraft to ensure it is user friendly when using on a smaller screen, or low screen resolution.

  • Fixed responsive design issues so that buttons are available via a vertical ellipsis button when there is insufficient room to display them. The Communicate button has consequently moved left so that it will be the last to be hidden behind the dots
  • Added vertical scroll bar to create new menu button to resolve an issue where items towards the bottom of the list were inaccessible in certain screen resolutions

New and Improved Permission Rights ^^

Tighter controls have been introduced as to which roles can update settings on FastDraft.

System Administrators only

  • Restricted the editing of Contract Templates to System Administrators - no longer accessible to Super Users
  • Ability to update the account status for a user via the Company tab on the Admin panel.
  • Add capability to configure tags at a Company/Contract level. Company is picked up from the associated Project, Tags can be selectively enabled but values must be unique
  • Enabled moving a user from one company to another. The user will remain on the contracts they are already allocated to, but their Company will be updated. If they are named as a lead user, the dashboard will correctly reflect which Company they are now assigned to.

System Administrators and Super Users

  • Enabled changing Company associated with a Project . Any associated contracts retain their association to the Company and lose their association to the Project.
  • Enabled changing Company and/or Project associated with a Contract.
  • Updated the Contract Overview to enable the selection of a lead user from a company that doesn’t necessarily match the Company named in the contract. This will support joint ventures and consultants acting on behalf of a contracted party.

New improved Company Users report ^^

Extra information has been added to the Company Users report - available to System Administrators and Super Users.

  • Added Last Login date to Company User Register
  • Added Account Status to Company Users Register


Improved performance with Asite ^^

Further improvements have been made to our Asite integration module to aid better searching, targeted folder selection, paging and caching.


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.