NEC4 Programme query

Hi folks. I have been asked by a Contractor to provide details of cost savings between their current issued programme on a project, compared to the programme stated in the Subcontract. They consider that the latest programme has a duration of 6 days less than that of the Subcontract programme. What is the normal procedure here and are they entitled to look for that saving in it’s entirety?



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Is the programme that apparently has a 6 day shorter duration the Contractor’s programme, or is it the Subcontractor’s programme?

Being asked to give savings is somewhat informal and not strictly compliant with NEC4. Refer to clause 36 [Acceleration] where the first stage is for the Contractor and Subcontractor to consider the change, rather than the Contractor instruct the subcontractor to provide a quote to accelerate. NEC4 requires (in this instance) the subcontractor to be prepared to consider the proposed change. Only then, should the Main Contractor instruct a quotation for the proposed change. From what you say there seems to be a presumption from the Contractor that there will be a reduction in the Subcontractor’s Prices, but it will only become apparent if there is a reduction or an increase, on your issue of the Quotation.

This may be an anomaly as the maximum timescales in the NEC subcontract for preparation & issue of the Subcontractors Quotation then the maximum period for the Contractor to assess the Quotation may far exceed the period of benefit from any acceleration achieved.

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Thanks for replying on this. It is the Contractor’s programme that they are showing to have a six day shorter duration, although I am struggling to see how that has been ascertained. Plenty of good natured discussion to have with them in the coming days on this! I suspect they are looking to try an alternate route to some from of saving without mentioning the ‘acceleration’ word which could go the other way if they aren’t careful.

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