NEC 4 - Revised programme by Client due to reschudeling activities

The client has issued a rescheduled programme as they are not ready for us in certain areas. This has resulted in a revised programme being issued to us (The subcontractor) which has increased the completion date by two weeks. This entiltles us the subcontractor and additonal two weeks EOT. Please advise under which clause under the 19 CE’s would be the correct clause to be used to notify the client. I was thinking Clause 60.1.19 - stops the subcontractor from from completing the whole of the subcontract works by the date for planned completion shown on the accepted programme. Also Clause 63.5 seems applicable.


@Neil_Earnshaw any thoughts on which clause?

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Thanks @Deb_Knibbs, this is an interesting one. The Subcontractor isn’t automatically entitled to an extension of time because the Contractor’s programme with the Client has changed. Also the Contractor or Client cannot unilaterally change the Subcontract Completion Date.

Which CE under clause 60.1 has occurred will depend on what the event is that has caused the delay? By which I mean the underlying reason e.g. have the Client, Contractor or Others not worked in accordance with the Accepted Programme?

We’d need to know more of the facts surrounding this delay before advising further.