NEC4 ECC Option A - CE quotation defined cost before dividing date. Records required?

On an NEC4 ECC Option A. Quotation has been put together and is retrospective with the event already taken place.

Therefore, this CE quotation would be purely based on defined cost, as there is no forecast component.

I believe it is not an unreasonable request to request records of the SSCC items e.g. invoice for materials used, dayworks sheets for people used etc. Contractor does not believe this to be the case.

What’s the right answer here? Surely they should be able to provide records of the materials they have used, how would you verify the item amounts have not been made up?

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Hello CuriousQuestion,

A similar question has been asked and answered here which may help.

NEC4 Option A - Quote substantiation - NEC3 and NEC4 Contracts - ReachBack (

Your request in my view is not unreasonable. It appears from your question that you are aware the Notification of a Compensation Event has been raised after the event has occurred, as well as the impact, Therefore, the Dividing Date proceeds the impact. You are asking the Contractor to substantiate ‘the actual Defined Cost of the work done by the dividing date’.

The most logical way of substantiating the actual Defined Cost would be via invoices / timesheets / Site Diaries. Other methods could be Purchase Orders or Subcontractor quotations.

What may help the answer to this question is how the Contractor proposes to substantiate their quotaiton.

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