NEC4 ECC: Appendix 5 Example tender assessment sheet

In nec4 volume 3, selecting a supplier, the example tender assessment sheet, has slightly changed from that previously in nec3 guidance notes Appendix 4.

The nec 4 example now shows Fee being multiplied by the Tendered total of the Prices. Previously, the Fee was applied only to the 12% direct cost which was the increase between tender and outturn cost.

This new approach applies much greater weight to the Fee percentage as opposed to the other elements within the tender assessment.

Does anyone know why the fee percentage is now applied to 100% of the Price rather than to the 12% increase in tender outturn ?

The NEC4 example makes the appropriate adjustments as there is now no People Overhead, Design overhead and only a single Fee applied.

It does look, however, like the calculation for item 4 should be A x B x G, which is the Client’s estimate of 12% difference.

The guidance notes do contain a number of care should be taken to validate any specific information.

Thanks, that is what I thought