NEC4 acceptance of programme process

If we presume that we’re working under an unamended nec 4 option A contract. I have a query on programmes.

CL32 updated programme has been submitted to the client with comp events showing delay/EOT request. As these are still in process of acceptance through the comp event process the planned completion date is to the right of the contract completion date.

Client is reminded after 2 weeks that they haven’t received comment/response to the submission.

Further 2 weeks pass, therefore programme is automatically accepted.

Should we raise a cen for EOT against client response time or is this automatically accepted? Does the EOT not apply as programme is automatically accepted but the delays still need to be agreed through the ce process?

You could raise a CEN under clause 60.1(6) that the PM has not replied within the time required. Regarding the Completion Date, yes it needs to be agreed through the CE process.

Acceptance of the cl 31 programme, or in this case acceptance by default, does not amend the Completion Date. Management of CEs and management of the programme are separate processes.