NEC3 SC: Why is the Y(UK)2 option not used in NEC3 Supply Contracts?

Why does the NEC3 Supply Contract not incorporate Y(UK)2 Option? Is this intentional? I cannot seem to find any reference in the guidance notes but presumably this is because the supply of certain goods envisaged under the Supply Contract may not be a construction contract under the Act. Maybe I’ve missed something but it would be nice if something to that effect is stated (apologies if I have in fact missed it!). Thanks

You are right. As written, the Supply Contracts are just that ‘supply’ with no provisions for installation. Consequently, there is no need to include the payment provisions of the Acts or, for that matter, the compliant Adjudication provisions of W2. (The adjudication provisions in the Supply Contract are very similar to W1 which do not comply with the Acts)