NEC3 PSC: In the PSSC, where in the Contract Data is the statement referred to in PSSC 11.2(7) regarding the documents that the Scope is in?

Unlike the PSC the PSSC does not appear to define Scope in the Contract Data. However the definition of Scope at 11.2(7) says that it is in the documents which the Contract Data states it is in. The Scope Contract Form does not appear to be part of Contract Data.

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For absolute legal clarity, I agree with you that there should be a reference to the Scope in the Contract Data … … and I led its development, so I will take that criticism on the chin !

However :

  • a Form of Agreement - which would typically be issued with the contract docs - would normally reference all the contract docs and therefore incorporate the Scope document into the contract;
  • even without the above, issuing a Scope document with the other contract documents, especially if titled ‘Scope document for [‘services’ (in italics’], would more than make it clear that this is the Scope document for that contract.