NEC3 Pricing acceleration under option C

If a CE was implemented extending the Contract Completion date by 6 months and the Employer has instructed me to provide a quotation to accelerate by 4 months after they how would I price the acceleration. Initially the over run was implemented and included 6 months of prelims and fee plus risk. To then reflect acceleration I feel I should adjust the initial risk and fee allowance and apply new risk and fee allowance to the accelerated profile. That assumes I fully acknowledge the prime cost to accelerate which I do. Plus Fee and Risk (deduct adjusted fee, risk and prime cost for the difference between the accelerated date and the revised completion date.

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Just to get this clear the Project Manager under clause 36.1 has asked you to submit a quotation for an acceleration to achieve Completion before the Completion Date?

The Project Manager/Employer cannot in an unamended nec3 contract unilaterally instruct you to accelerate (beware of any Z clauses which enable the Project Manager to unilaterally instruct an acceleration).

The right approach is not to adjust the previous presumably agreed and implemented compensation event. But to prepare a quotation based on the Accpeted Programme showing the activities which need to be amended changes to any planned methods of working including for the time risk allowances for accelerating the works. This is a lot cleaner and clearer. You cannot change the tendered direct and subcontract fee percentages inserted in the Contract Data.

The most significant risk is whether the accelerated programme is actually achievable and what new and further risks the acceleration may generate.