NEC3 Option B Working Areas

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I think I know the answer, but here goes.

A contractor submits a CE which has your normal entries under SSCC (1-8).

Under ‘People’, the QS has included staff who I know have not been to the ‘Working Area’ , as in the ‘site’ (all of our 3 contractors work on 3 or 4 seperate client asset sites, exclusive to them).

So, to summarise, can they claim for ‘Bob’ who never leaves his desk at HQ?

I believe its a strong no and that anyone noted on any CE has to of been present for the duration of the works under the CE?


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In addition, I have just check the 3 x CD2 ‘The working areas are the Site and’, and they all say ‘site & head office’.

Not sure if that closes the matter out, as in we cannot reject any element of ‘People’ that are sat in HQ!

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