NEC3 option B - Compensation Event

We are currently working under NEC3 Option B and have produced a quotation for some potential new work outside any of the descriptions within the existing bill of quantities. The client agrees this is a CE and we have built up a quotation using defined cost on the SSCC. The quotation build-up has several elements within it such as the installation and removal of various units of equipment. My question is should this (and each element) be then worked back into a BoQ format (for re-measurement purposes) or just presented as a lump sum defined cost quotation?

The answer essentially lies in the definition of Price for Work Done to Date and assessing the amount due for payment at core clause 5, further taking into account whether the work in relation to the CE is ‘already done’ or ‘not yet done’.

Where work is ‘already done’ then it can be presented as a lump sum for payment purposes. For work ‘not yet done’ you should present the changes to the Prices in a way which allows payment to be simply and reasonably assessed as work is completed.

In practice the requirement at clause 63.13 is rarely undertaken in much detail, with the main focus on getting the compensation event implemented to allow payment to actually be assessed.