NEC3 ECSC - Payment under the Engineering and Construction Short Contract?

This question relates to the NEC3 Short contract. Is there a method of paying a Contractor for Work Done if the item as described in the Price List is not 100% complete? For example, if the item description in the Price List is ‘build wall’ and only the foundation and base has been completed, how can Contractor be paid for these elements taking Clause 50 into account ? Possibly a payment on account. The Contractor did not break down the items within the Price List at tender stage?

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If you are administering a contract then you can only operate the contract you have been given. Therefore you have to comply with the contract. There is no provision for payment on account or percentage complete.

Payments for an item in the Price List do not become due until the work described in the item has been completed unless a quantity and a rate are stated in the Price List for the item, in which case only the Price for the quantity of work completed is included.

Thanks for that Barry. The contract is pretty clear on that point.