NEC3 ECC: What happens if a Contractor fails to submit a quotation?

I am aware that the contractor has 3 weeks to submit a quotation unless otherwise agreed with the PM, however this is not time barred. If he fails to submit a quotation for several months without good reason can this be refused and approval for the CE withdrawn?

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If a Contractor fails to produce a quotation for a compensation event then the Project Manager SHOULD (not can if he wants) assess the quotation them self. The fact they don’t - there is not much obvious recourse, other than neither Party know specifically where they stand with that matter.

The fact the Contractor has not produced one, the PM can not withdraw acceptance that it is one in the first place - it should just be assessed at that point as to what it SHOULD have cost at the point it was notified as a CE (not simply revert to actual cost - see clause 63.1). The only time bar in the contract is notifying the event in the first place - not a time bar to produce the quote.