NEC3 ECC - Remeasurement during Contractor delay

We have a scheme (ECC Option B) that has over run on our original programme by one week. Therefore we have incurred one extra week of Traffic management costs which are quantified daily in the BoQ. Therefore under under clause 11.2(28) are we entitled to re-measure this extra week and include it as part of the final target we submit to the client?

No Compensation Event has occurred but I believe we are entitled to this extra week due to the contract being a remeasurment contract.

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If the amount in the BoQ is, as you say, stated to be a daily rate and nothing more then yes I think you are right you are paid for each day it was necessary to have the TM on. However, you need to be careful of any other provisions, possibly somewhere in the Works Information or elsewhere in the BoQ, which could impact on this.