NEC3 ECC: Re-opening an early warning

Is it possible for the PM or the Contractor to re-open an early warning if it has been closed out?

Rather than re-opening, is it not more prudent to raise a new early warning if the same (or related) issue appears in the future?

Is there a clause in the contract or guidance elsewhere that supports (or otherwise) the opening/non-opening of an early warning?

Thank you

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No hard and fast rules here but I think it makes much more sense to raise a new early warning. Presumably the original one was closed out because you believed it was either not an issue or you had put in place collectively any measures that you thought you could to mitigate. It sounds like now there is new information about this issue - and it makes sense to now raise this as a (new) early warning and have a risk reduction meeting about this new information.

The main thing is that you talk about issues as they become apparent.

The reality on a project is that things constantly change and some risks will not materialise whilst others appear. Notification of each and every event separately as required by clause 13.7 is all part of good project management. Each event needs to be considered on its own merits at the time of occurrence.