NEC3 ECC Option D - Changes in Works Information Resulting in Reduced BOQ

If there is a reduction in the Bill of Quantities due to Change in Works Information / PM’s Instruction, can the project Completion Date be changed to an earlier date. If not, how is the project Completion Date affected by such change?

Thank you for enlightening me on the matter.

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Completion Date would not be affected by a reduction in the BofQ - only acceleration in accordance with clause 36 can do this. Planned Completion would come forward, but Completion Date would not move. Both Parties would share in the saving of the under-spend which would include any prelim type costs as well as fee and adjust the target cost down accordingly. Completion Date - the point at which the Contractor is liable for delay damages would not move, which frankly is the only benefit to the Contractor but never the less a significant one in terms of liability/protection.