NEC3 ECC: Option A - Activity Schedule

If an item of work is included within the Contractors Activity schedule but that item has not been carried out on site; how do we deal with the financial side of this issue:
a. Presumably it cannot be included in the PWDD
b. At the end of the job after handover should I include it in the assessment for payment
or c. The contractor does not get paid at all
Could you consider this issue if a. it is specifically included within the EMPLOYERS works information b. It is specifically included in the Contractors works information only c. not included in either works information

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The Contractor should revise their activity schedule and spread that cost elsewhere within the other items on the activity schedule. It is a lump sum fixed price. If an item is not done it does not mean the Employer does not pay it - likewise if a Contractor does double what they thought of an item on the activity schedule they cant claim extra as a change in activity schedule alone is not a CE.