NEC3 ECC: Long term sickness on an option C

Fully aware that the SOCC allows for sickness, Holidays etc to be built up in the rates. However if a project manager was on a project full time for a client and expected to be on the project until completion and then went off with long term sickness (an example of say 10 months) would the client still be entitled to pick up the salary until the end of the project? This staff would need to be replaced therefore would the client be expected to pick up the salary costs of the new project manager and also the project manager off sick?

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I think the answer to this lies in whether the PM who is on long term sick still falls within people costs at all. In order to do so how normal place of work would have to be within the Working Areas. I would say that once someone is on long term sick their normal place of work changes and cannot properly be described as being within the Working Areas. Where exactly that would place their normal place of work is probably a question for an employment specialist.