NEC3 ECC: Correcting a defect - who pays for the associated access cost

On a road scheme under ECC option A the Contractor has had Completion certified. Three months later a defect has been identified that the Contractor has to correct. The Employer has applied for access and they will get this within a couple of weeks and the Contractor is gearing up to come back to correct the defect which will probably take a week to rectify.

During the works the Employer provided the traffic management to the Contractor. Logistically the Employer will similarly have to arrange for the traffic management for one week for the Contractor to carry out the corrective works. Who should pick up the bill for the (fairly extensive) traffic management costs assuming an unamended ECC contract?

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The costs associated in providing access to allow the Contractor to correct a notified Defect after Completion of the whole of the works falls on the Employer in an unamended ECC contract.