NEC ECC: Can Contractor correct the defect after defect correction period?

Under CoC 45.1, if the Contractor has not correct the defect within its defect correction period, the PM assesses the cost to the Employer of having the defect corrected by other people and the Contractor pays this amount.

Is it a must under the NEC contract, as it is quite troublesome to ask another contractor to correct this defect. If the Contractor is willing to correct it after the defect correction period, how can I assess the cost pay by the Contractor?

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If they are willing to correct it and you are happy for them then just let them. You are getting what you want all be it a bit late.
Clause 45.1 allows you the chance to assess the cost yourself to correct it but if they are coming to the plate all be it a bit lat then there is no problem letting them correct it. Nothing to assess as they will be correcting at their own cost.