NEC Quotation Request with Insufficient Information

Hi, We are sub contractor working on an NEC 4 Contract Option A and have been issued with an instruction to provide a quotation within 1 week, the instruction relates to drawing revisions, however, to enable us to fully price the works we require further information. We have notified the Contractor via email and they have acknowledged that the information is outstanding and that they will chase the consultant. My question is whilst we have an understanding that the information is outstanding, is their a contractual process and clauses referenced that could be followed.

The most practical thing to do in this situation is request an extension to the time allowed for a Compensation Event quotation submission. Under NEC3 this was 62.5 but this may have changed under NEC4 so check this.

Most commercial tools like FastDraft will have a template to request this, which simply involves requesting a new date and reasons for requesting this new date. Make sure you log the new dates as if this happens often, it can be easy to lose track.

Alternatively, you can request the Project Manager make assumptions to allow you to reasonably price this event and should those assumptions prove incorrect, a new Compensation Event will be raised to deal with that ‘sub-event’.