NEC ECS: Under NEC3 option A contract, can an appointed subcontractor use the money gained from selling unused scrap on other works in the project?

Does the contract allow for selling of scraps (like old equipment no longer needed) near the Site as part of a construction project with the profit gained to be invested in other parts of the project?

It totally depends on what the Works Information says, and also your interpretation of clause 73.1 that says “Subcontractor has no title to an object of value or historical interest within the site”. I do not think that is intended to cover scrap metal - but Works Information should have made this clear. If they are removing existing equipment for example - should they be getting rid of it at their cost or could they assume it is of value and the Contractor should sell it/get rid of it? Demolishing a brick building and crushing it to be used as sub-base could be considered of value to someone but clause 73.1 is not there to pick up such issues - it is more for archaeological finds etc.

Works Information should make it clear if they are to remove from site themselves or deposit to an area of the site for the Contractor to “deal with”. I think unless you have made it clear that the scrap is owned by the Contractor within Works Information, it would be more likely to assume it was the Subcontractor liability to get rid of it for what ever benefit they may get - and may have also been reflected in their price knowing that.