NEC ECS: Schedule & Shorter Schedules of Cost Components

A Subcontractor has included under the section, data for the Shorter Schedule of Cost Components in Data Part 2, the statement: ‘the defined cost for People within the Working Areas’ when it refers to a schedule of rates. Given that the SoCC is for those working outside of the working areas, does this now mean the Subcontractor can use these rates for those inside the working area?

Hi, it is not clear from your question what your are looking for clarification on. The use of the SoCC and/or the SSoCC will be dependent upon the main Option being used. It would appear from your comments that the Subcontract is stating that the Defined Cost of People will be assessed in accordance with the SSoCC when the SSoCC is being used.

Just to add to Dave’s answer, under NEC3 People working outside the Working Areas, would not be Defined Cost under Main Options C, D or E, or included in a CE quotation under Main Options A, B, C, D and E, and should be included in the Fee percentage.

The exception is where they are undertaking any manufacturing under cost component 5 and design works and stated as such, under cost category 6.