NEC ECC: Quotation for a compensation event notified under Clause 60.1(4)

If the PM instructs the Contractor to stop work under Clause 34.1 and notifies a compensation event under Clause 60.1(4), how is the Contractor able to prepare a quotation when they don’t know when the instruction to re-start work will be issued?

The Contractor should ask the Project Manager for a PM assumption (under 61.6) as to when they are to assume the access will resume again, otherwise how can they issue a quotation. Even if it was given as a date that is then exceeded, they can base the quote on that date and then when it moves again give a new quote for the extra over delay. You don’t just want to leave it open and say we will agree it retrospectively when access resumes as there are so many other things that could happen that would then make the original delay effects subjective.