NEC ECC: Option B - Contractor's early procurement before design is accepted

I am on the first day for the replacement as the Project Manager’s delegate and the duty will last for one month. The Contractor submits a design for acceptance, asking for green light to start with early procurement since these items are holding up other areas of the works. The Contractor states that he will take all design risk if going wrong.

What is the process to deal with the Contractor’s design?

What should the Project Manager’s delegate do next?

Project Manager or a named delegate has the period of reply in which to respond to design issued for acceptance (unless any other period is stated within the contract). Before that acceptance, it would be at the Contractor’s risk if they went ahead and procured any associated materials before the design is accepted.

As delegate I don’t think you need to respond at all other than to respond to the design in full when you have fully evaluated. Having said that, IF you know that you are likely to reject the design particularly in terms of the materials they are about to order at their risk you would be well advised to communicate that somehow so they are aware. It is not in your interest, and not in the spirit of the contract to not do that.