NEC ECC: Option A Sectional Completion CE

We have two projects to complete within our contract, the first project has started and the second project is not due to start for X months, the first projection has a sectional completion date which has now been delayed by Y weeks due to a CE.

Can prelims be recovered for the additional time on site as a result of sectional completion being changed? Prelims are completely separate for the other project but the overall Completion Date is tied to the later of the two projects and the impact of the CE potentially will not change overall planned Completion.

You can claim under the CE for he effect that the CE will have on your project - nothing more and nothing less. If there are specific prelim type costs that will be incurred additionally due to the delay in the sectional completion date then yes. If you will not incur any additional prelim costs than you have already allowed for then no.

It is true of any CE that you assess its impact and you can claim time/cost for elements that have resulted that were not your risk. If there are separate welfare facilities that are needed for the area affected by the CE that will then need to be kept on site longer than you would have needed (and priced for) then you can of course recover that cost against that CE. If all the welfare cabins were going to be on site anyway until the Completion Date then no there is nothing extra to claim for here.