NEC ECC: Looking for a couple of example KPI's specific to the Contractors administration of NEC3 contract

Looking at driving behaviours around PROG thinking that +/- accepted PROGs can be somewhat subjective i.e. if we reject on the basis that the TRA is unrealistic this might not be shared by the Contractor; so unsure what I can do other than a KPI for timely submission…

Secondly something regard QTE submission etc.

Any proposals would be appreciated or any others from past experience for driving good behaviours regard contract management

It depends what behaviours you are trying to “drive” or monitor through the KPIs really and how much detail the PM is prepared to get into in assessing it (ie not just giving bland reasons for rejection). For this sort of KPI to work you need to be focussed on the PFA being a team effort not just down to the contractor.

Not quite sure what you mean by “QTE” specifically but agree that pass/fail of a programme is not necessarily a good indicator on its own. Therefore with regards to programme I would recommend a bigger list of items to assess with regards to the programme all of which carry a score, and then the overall score will be the KPI test.

As Rob has already said - it really depends on what you are trying to encourage. They need to be measurable, encourage collaboration and actually encourage the correct behaviours that you are seeking to encourage/reward. You would be amazed how many KPI’s actually drive the exact opposite as to what they were set out to achieve.

You may have more feedback by posting this into our NEC People LinkedIn group - where you can ask the community for good KPI’s they have seen working and see what response that you get.