Is a programme submitted with an NCE different to a programme for acceptance?

We are submitting programmes for acceptance weekly and now need to submit a Notification of Compensation Event with programme for an event that occured 3 weeks ago. We will simulate the event on the last accepted programme, which is also from 3 weeks ago.

Does this NCE programme have to show all activites or only the path impacted by the CE? When (and if) the CE is implemented does this programme interfere with our other accepted or submitted for acceptance programmes or can we keep this NCE programme separate and include the CE on the latest programme for acceptance once the CE is implemented?

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The programme submitted with your quotation only has to - quoting clause 62.2 - “include the alterations to the Accepted Programme”. This could be a statement such that activities X, Y and Z are delayed by 2 days as a result if that is all the effect.

As it is not a new programme submitted for acceptance, then it does not change the current Accepted Programme.

If it has been implemented by the time you submit your next programme for acceptance, it should be included (see clause 32.1, 2nd bullet).

However, the problem arises if everybody knows it is a CE, but the exact duration has not been agreed and therefore impact on the programme. Two points around this :

  1. Progressive informal agreement of the compensation event quotation prior to formal submission and acceptance; and almost the first thing to agree is what is the duration as how can you cost up resources if you have not agreed how long they were used for. If this is happening, then an agreed duration can be put in the revised programme even if the compensation event is not formally implemented.

  2. Colour coding of bars : if your software allows you to colour code bars, then you can have different colours for a. original work; b. early warning’ed work where the parties have not yet agreed whether it is or is not a CE; c. the parties have agreed it is NOT a CE; d. the parties have agreed it is a CE, but it is in process of being accessed and d. implemented CE. In your case, you can colour code it as a d.
    Bars which are coded as b. and d. should not hang around for a long time on successive programmes ! However, if there is not agreement on duration, then you can use hatching to illustrate the current difference of opinion.

Note that until the compensation event is implemented, the Completion Date will not move back.