NEC ECC: Do I have to credit management charges for cancelled scope due to the Employer terminating the Contract?

The Employer cannot provide access to site, so to mitigate his liability, he has decided to Terminate the Contract. He is now asking for a credit for the works that would now not be installed, and also for the Management Time and Prelims for the reduced Contract period.
Is the Employer correct is asking for both of these ?

My thoughts are that he is entitled to the credit for the work not being installed but not for the Management and Prelims

Can anyone advise?

The standard termination provisions are set out in Section 9.

From your comments it appears that the Employer has terminated for a reason other than R1 to R21. Was this stated on the termination certificate.

That being the case, and with reference to the standard Termination Table, the amount due is A1 : amount due assessed for normal payments + other items set out in clause 93.1, together with A2: the forecast Defined Cost of removing Equipment, together with A4: the direct fee applied to the excess of the total of the Prices at the Contract Date over the Price for Work Done to Date.

Hope that’s clear.