NEC ECC: COVID-19 Compensation Events - What is recoverable?

If the sub-contractor decides to pull off site, therefore meaning the principal contractor cannot fulfil all their duties under the contract, would any associated costs be fully recoverable from the client or is their an argument against?

It has been asked for clarity on specifically why the sub-contractor has pulled off site in order to devise a way forward. However, this information has been withheld by the main contractor despite asking multiple times.

Is social distancing an adequate reason in itself? Many organisations have found a way to restructure and maintain safety through careful thought and cooperation. The government directives have not explicitly stated construction sites are to close due to coronavirus either.

Nevertheless, a quotation is expected inclusive of people, welfare etc. This will be assessed and compensated where suited under the contract but it is believed the impact/cost could have been mitigated, if there was more transparency…

There is no magic to a C-19 compensation event and it should be approach in the same way as any other. What is the event under 60.1 and what are the consequences.

Trying to go from an overall approach to something with specific meaning on a particular project is very difficult without substantially more facts. Is the sub-contractor a specialist, is it overseas based, what is the nature of the site and the work etc. All of these will play a part in assessing the impact of any event that may have occurred.

As to your last point, mitigation comes up as part of 63.9 and the contractor acting competently and promptly.