NEC ECC: Concerns that the Contractor’s design of the lift installation appears to be inadequate and sub-par.

Under an option A NEC3 contract its a design and build the Contractor’s design of the lift installation seem to be below par. Other than giving him a early warning notice is their any other alternatives?

The PM must reply to the Contractor either accepting or not accepting the design submission. There are only two reasons that a PM has at his disposal to not accept a design. If it does not comply with either a) the WI/Scope or b) the applicable law. If it complies with both then it should be accepted. If the PM withholds acceptance for any other reason or doesn’t reply within the period for reply this would a Compensation Event. Acceptance by the PM doesn’t transfer any liability for the design away from the Contractor. If you have concerns about the design, you could issue an EW separately.