NEC ECC: Can history be removed from the programme?

The Contractor have a option E contract with the Project Manager.
the Project Manager requested the Contractor to remove the historical scope from the programme.

i cant seem to find anything in the NEC3 book that points out that this is possible.

the programme is submitted by means of a Contractors Communication (CC)

Can you please advise on this

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By historical scope do you mean the first bullet of clause 32.1, the actual progress achieved on each operation and its effect upon the timing of the remaining work .

If so you should ask the PM why it wants it removed and request him to reconsider.

This is a very strange request. You need to ask the Project Manager what they are looking to achieve by doing this. Historical as-built information will change nothing in the programme going forward. It is very easy to filter out completed historical activities by just showing remaining activities - there is no need to permanently remove it. They should be accepting your programme or giving you reasons why they are not accepting -and this is not a reason to not accept under 31.3.