NEC ECC: Archaeological Watching Brief

Bit of a broad question but can anyone advise on how to include for an archaeological watching brief when preparing Work Info pack for earthworks project?


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You need to clearly define in the Works Information what your expectations are for a “watching brief”. If there is a significant risk of archeology then a survey should be carried out and the results included in the Site Information. Also you may want to consider using the Supervisor to closely monitor the earthworks in addition to placing an obligation on the Contractor in the Works Information. Do some research with the relevant bodies to find out what good practice is for a “watching brief”. For example here’s a link to a CIRIA guide that seems relevant:

You’re Works Information would then need to place an obligation on the Contractor to follow good industry practice in relation to working in the vicinity of known or potential archeological sites. If there is a significant risk then you may want an archeologist on-site to monitor in which case you will need another obligation in the Works Information for the Contractor to co-operate with the archeologist in respect of the programming of the works (see ECC clause 25.1).