NEC ECC: Additional Sectional Completions to Option A

On an option A contract, the Contract [WI and C. Data] have a number of dates listed for Sectional Completions. However, some of them have been struck out.

However, two months into the contract these [struck-through] elements / Dates were instructed back into the contract.

Am I right in saying that although these should be target dates (in the spirit of collaboration), these new Completion dates are not contractual as there are CE works. To add to this, there should be no risk of LD’s associated with these dates either?

Yes there is no mechanism to introduce a new sectional Completion mid contract as you will not have had the chance to assess the risk/cost associated with that within your tender price, and would not be fair if the PM could make their own assessment of this price at this stage. They can instruct the Contractor to try to achieve these new dates, but there will be no delay damage mechanism if these are then missed.