NEC - Acceleration with Outstanding CEs

We are about to request for an acceleration quotation, however, there are a number of CEs outstanding which are known to contain time impact (for the Sub contractor). What is the best known way to deal with this situation, as we don’t want to request a quotation (under clause 35.1) bring the date forward and then accept CEs to move out the Delivery date. The main issue we face is, accepting the quotation and then implement a number of CEs to push the Delivery Date further away from the acceleration date required. Thank you for any help on this.

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Daniel, each CE should be assessed and implemented within the timeframes set out - this is one of the fundamental tenets of the NEC; leaving CEs unresolved/outstanding leads to problems like the one you are correctly describing. Therefore, in my view, you should finish with the assessment of the previous CEs - starting from the oldest and successively moving the Completion Date - and then deal with the acceleration.

Not much of a help, but I don’t see any other way out.