JCT: What is the C1 Replacement Schedule and should the Contract Particulars be completed?

I am completing the Contract Particulars for a JCT Design and Build 2016 Contract. There is an entry in there for the C1 Replacement Schedule.

Can you tell me what this is and how I should complete the Particulars?

The JCT 2016 suite of contracts has 3 Options for Insuring the Works and Existing Structures. Under Option A the Contractor insures the Works and under Options B &C the Employer undertakes that task. Option B is for new Works and Option C if for Works in an Existing Structure.

If you look at Schedule 3 Insurance Option C the Employer is asked to take out 2 insurances one for Existing Structures (C1) and the other for the Works (C2). The drafting of these clauses assumes that the Employer owns the freehold of the building where the Works are being undertaken and that it has an insurable interest that it wants to protect.

However the Employer may not own the freehold and may hold it under a leasehold interest and the Landlord may therefore insure. In that case the standard Option C obligations may be inappropriate (ie the Employer may not want to or be able to insure the Existing Structures) in which case Option C could be amended to state that the Employer will not insure the Existing Structures but it will insure the Works.

The document that amends Option C is the C1 Replacement Schedule.

Hope that this is clear!