JCT ICD & Named Subcontractors/Works not priced

  1. A named specialist fire sub-contractor was included in the Client’s Electrical Specification as follows:

The fire alarm design and installation shall be carried out by the Client’s existing specialist contractor who will be deemed to become a domestic sub-contractor and included in the Contactors’ tender. The name and contact details are then provided.

The Main Contractor did not directly engage this sub-contractor. Instead it would appear that the Main Contractor’s electrical sub-contractor engaged the specialist. It is unclear to me whether this is a named sub-contractor or a domestic sub-contractor. Since they are named in the specification, could one assume this is a Named Sub-Contractor?

  1. A quote for the fire alarm specialist works was obtained by the Client’s electrical surveyor based on the Clients’ Electrical Design Drawings at tender stage. The quote was then included in the Contractor’s pricing document.

Whilst nearing completion it appears that the MVHR units are not connected to the fire alarm and were not included in the quote from the fire alarm specialist yet this element of work appears in the Client’s Mechanical Specification (which was not passed on the the specialist contractor) but not in the Client’s Electrical Drawings.

My view is that the Client should incur the additional costs.