Design Changes to Fitted Furniture Package

I am currently working on a JCT SBC. As part of the works, the Design Team provided drawings and elevations for fitted furniture through out which was used to secure a sub-contractor for the works.

The sub-contractor conducted a site survey and began to produce production drawings based on the information provided at tender stage, during the time, the designers made multiple changes to the layout, size and Qty of the units.

The sub-contractor is claiming additional time and materials dues to these changes which has been passed on to the client team.

The Client team are refusing to pay for the additional design time required to produce new drawings in line with the changes made, stating the sub contractor should have allowed for this in their tender price.

As these weren’t CDP items, is this position correct?

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@Mike_Tiplady @stevencevans any thoughts on the question above?

If there are changes in the design then these need to be treated as Variations under the Contract and if there are extra Works or the Works are varied by instruction by the Architect then they should be paid for as Variations. That would include extra design costs incurred by you.

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