Is my project ‘notifiable’?

A project is notifiable to HSE if the construction phase will be longer than 30 days, or 500 person days of construction work, except where there is a domestic client. Any day on which construction work takes place is counted. What matters is how many days of construction work the project entails, not when these days occur or the start and finish dates. For example:

	1 person working for 31 days (actual construction work) – notifiable.

	60 people working for 10 days = 600 person days (based on an 8-hour day) – notifiable.

	90 people working 3 x 8-hour shifts (30 per shift) for 6 days = 540 person days – notifiable.

	30 people working 3 x 8-hour shifts (10 per shift) for 10 days = 300 person days – not notifiable.

Work carried out before the construction phase begins should not be included.

An [F10 form]( for notifying a project is on our website.

[b]Note:[/b] Projects for operational railways are notifiable to the Office of Rail Regulation.