Instruction to Stop Works and Quote

Option C NEC4 ECC: A PMI was given to stop or not start works while the contractor was on site. This was for a period of a week while the designer revised design. The associated CE was issued and quote recieved.

There was no impact to planned Completion following them being stood down but the cost recieved is for the hire of welfare etc. for that week.

Am I right in saying that as there has been no impact to planned Completion the price of welfare etc. is already deemed included and therefore no increase to the prices? Or is the contractor entitled to an increase to the prices because they were stood down for a week which wasn’t their fault?

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it is difficult to see how a stoppage of works does not have an effect on planned Completion however that being the case the Contractor is still entitled to and assessment of the additional Defined Cost + fee due to the compensation event. Therefore if the Contractor will incur additional hire then it is entitled to an increase to the Prices.