Improvement - Notice of Concern (or Escalation)

Fundamentally we have a requirement to report on quote accuracy as a Key Performance Indicator but part of that measure requires us to exclude any implemented CE’s that are subject to a ‘Notice of Concern’ (name to be configurable). This is a process that isn’t explicitly covered by standard NEC T’s & C’s but has been used for a while and will be included in all of NG’s forthcoming NEC4 frameworks. It is used as a mechanism for hopefully avoiding going into formal dispute. It isn’t necessarily used exclusively for disputing the PM assessed value of a CE but that’s one of its uses and that’s the context in which we have an urgent need. So it’s a simple form called ‘Notice of Concern’ with the following fields:
Subject [Text]
Description [Text]
Type [Configurable dropdown]

Like the EWN and Defect forms it requires a secondary Actions tab (updateable after the fact subject to the relevant user permissions). We need a separate tab to capture closure date and (as with EWN’s and Defects) we would ideally like to be able to configure permissions separately for the Actions and the Closure Date (e.g. so that potentially the Contractor can update actions but only the PM can close).

A new register will be required with all of the captured fields (including closure date) being available and a new aggregated report containing the same will also be required.
The intention is that we’ll use this, combined with the new forthcoming workflow association capability to determine whether or not a CE is to be excluded from our Quote Accuracy calculations. An alternative (if it’s a quicker/easier tactical solution) would be to continue raising these via the existing notification forms but in that case we would need the ability capture additional ‘Escalated on’ date and ‘Escalation closed’ dates against an implemented CE (in order to determine which to exclude/include in any given reporting period) and these would need to be available in the Master CE Register and Master CE Register aggregated report.

Our new KPI’s are reportable from the beginning of the new financial year so we need something in place by the beginning of April.