Improvement - Email Notifications

In the new UI we have a feature where the user can disable/enable their emails. This is currently a system level setting, so if set to disabled, all emails are disabled for all contracts the user is assigned to. It would be useful if it was at contract level. Customers like Liverpool County Council, NG, EA often have users on several contracts in different roles, and would want to still receive notifications for particular contracts.

Would it also be possible to consider switching off email notifications for items that a user has notified themselves?

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Loreta this is currently supported via the template editor.

Hi Chris

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, this functionality is not available to the EA. The EA System Admin role was removed when we moved to the new UI and we now only have a super user admin role. This feature is not available to super users.



@loreta.adams this can be done by Superuser. I will give you a call and show you how