Improvement Released - User preference controls of email notifications

End users do not currently have control of whether the receive emails notifications or not. They must raise a support ticket to change a distribution list in the platform.

This improvement will add a notifications toggle to the users preference page and add admin panel for the user account. It will allow end users and also admins to toggle email notifications on or off across all contracts.

To ensure essential notices are still served to the name individuals in the contracts, this email preference will not override email notices for notices to sent to the named contract user. In another words if your name is displayed on the dashboard as a key person you will still receive emails on this contract, when to disable email notifications, but you will not receive email on any other contracts where you are listed on the project team, but not a named in the contract. A tool tip will display warning users, when they change email notification setting. “This does not override essential email notifications to named contract users.”

In order to turn off all notifications this must be done by an admin user in the workflow configuration tool.

This will helps users that are associated with lots of contracts (in non critical role) to reduce the number of emails they receive.

The toggle feature will not give end users the ability to control notifications on individual contracts or individual workflows. Admins will still be able to control distribution lists at a contract level and workflow level on each contract.

@batuhan.balaban and @adrian.von.plato can you take a look at this spec. I am not sure how this feature will work with existing distribution lists. can you clarify that here, so we can explain it to users.