New feature - Bulk assignment/removal of user permissions

Currently the UI only allows Super Users (and above) to add individual users to individual contracts or delete individual users from individual contracts. For enterprise customers with a significant number of users and a significant volume of joiners/movers/leavers it would be extremely beneficial to allow the capability to add one or more users (always with a single party and role selected) to multiple contracts simultaneously. As a safeguard the bulk add feature should not allow a user to be added this way if the company the users is associated with does not match the company associated with the party at contract level (i.e. the company selected for that Party on the Contract overview). This is in order to prevent users accidentally being added to another supplier’s contracts and/or accidentally being assigned to the incorrect party.

Similarly, when a user moves/leaves it would be incredibly helpful if Super Users (and above) were able to view a list of all contracts the user is assigned to, preferably contract attributes and tags displayed in that list and with the ability to filter that list on any combination of the available attribute or tag. then select one or more contracts (i.e. via a tickbox or a single select all option) then delete the user from all contracts in a single action.