Improvement - Allow all users to generate aggregated reports that are pre-filtered based on the user's rights

Currently FastDraft allows Admin users to generate aggregated registers that report on all process forms across the whole site. It would be extremely helpful if end users were able to generate such reports for themselves providing these could be pre-filtered so that users could only see contracts and process forms that their contract-level permissions allow. If thsi presents problems from a performance perspective, this logic could potentially be simplified based on party type and to exclude any process forms with a status of not communicated. In that case, the ability for Managers to generate reports of all forms created by their party with a status of not communicated would also be beneficial.

@batuhan.balaban and @adrian.von.plato l like what @Steve.Webley has suggested and can see how this would be very useful for middle managers (regional leads, category managers or framework manager who access multiple projects and want an aggregated view of their contracts or their teams contracts or contracts is their regional/under their framework. Can you help me scope out what need to make this happen.

Suggested scope

  1. Add new menu item in main navigation item under "Contract > (Contract id) > Reports > Aggregate reports"
  2. Show existing aggregate reporting page currently in admin panel so it can be access by all users Screenshot below), without leaving current contracts.
  3. Apply logic check to the aggregated reporting, so that users are only shown the results for the contracts and projects that they are associated with.
  4. Might be useful to allow additional filters for running these aggregated reports (like it currently allows with filtering results by date), such as:-
    a) Select contracts - multiple select contracts or select all
    b) Select projects - multiple select projects or select all
    c) Select company - multiple select company or select all
    d) Select contract type - multiple select contract types or select all

It would be useful if we could report on contract items that would help to ensure that contracts are being managed correctly. Completion certificate date issued, Defects certificate date issued, assessment dates - applications (date) made before assessment (date) and payments certified after (date), delay damages - are they being applied etc.

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@adrian.von.plato, @shughes and @batuhan.balaban i will move this to the coming soon category for the next sprint.

@loreta.adams and @pj.carlyon The Completion certificates, Defects certificates, Applications and Payments certifications will be available via this improved reporting tool for individuals and admins. The only item on your list that isn’t provided for is the delay damages as this isn’t currently capture in the system. This has been added separately on the roadmap.