How do I choose more than one property from the 'Address Search'?

If your application affects neighbouring properties (e.g. 1 - 4 High Street) then it is recommended that you use the ‘Map Search’ to determine the Local Planning Authority (LPA). Click on the ‘Map Search’ tab in the ‘Application Chooser’ box, and then click the ‘Search by Map’ link. Follow the instructions below when the new window opens: Enter the postcode or the nearest road and town to the application site in the search box, then click on ‘Go’ Use the navigation tools to find your property or plot of land on the map and place the cursor over the site Right click on the mouse and a red pin will appear which will mark the site location A box will pop up showing the X (Easting) and Y (Northing) co-ordinates for the point (each is a six-digit number) Then enter the Easting and Northing co-ordinates into the Portal’s Grid Reference section.