What drawings should I include in my online application?

When you are preparing an online planning application you will need to add additional documents such as plans or drawings to support your application. This can be done via the ‘Supporting Docs’ screen. Some document types, such as a site location plan and a block plan are required for all application types, others are requested specifically by local authorities. The documents required specifically by the local authority will be listed on the Supporting Docs screen. There are two sections in the Supporting Docs screen: ‘Mandatory Documentation’ and ‘Local Level Requirements and additional documentation’. You must attach at least one file to all documents listed in the Mandatory section - otherwise the section will not show as Complete and the application cannot be submitted. You can add any additional supporting drawings in the ‘Local Level Requirements and additional documentation’ section. You should only add additional documents if you think they might help officials when considering your application. Your local authority can offer advice on what extra drawings may be useful. If you need to contact your LPA about drawings or documents you can find contact information for your authority on the Planning Portal. You can purchase a site location plan and a block plan from one of the Planning Portal’s accredited suppliers. If you have any queries regarding the plans offered by the accredited suppliers, please contact them directly.